please update me on modern games


I have been studymaxing for a long time. and I need to catch up.

what are the best gaming console and how do you use them and how do you get games for them nowadays ?
like do you download or get hard copies from a store ?

how do you play games from steam ?

what are the best games and do they run on PC or xbox or PS ?
consoles suck now, it's worth the extra cost to get a proper pc (a cheap pc may still be better than current consoles).

In terms of power:

xbox one s < base ps4 < ps4 pro < xbox one x

In terms of exclusives

ps4 >> xbox one
JFL at console gaming in 2019
They only real advantage you get with ps4 is certain exclusive titles but
-consoles no longer allow you to instantly play, games need to be installed.
-you need to pay to play online.
-expensive games.
-harder to pirate games.
-shit CPU:s (uses a failed amd architecture except it got botched and made for tablets).
-you are limited to a small number of games.
-limited to 60hz at most which sucks badly.
I got good advice, don't listen to sony fanboys. If you want ps4 exclusives you will have to buy every single game. But if you buy an xbox one, it is cheap and you can get xbox gamepass, I even have a month to give you if you want, and it has 100+ games to download and play straight away, many good modern games I encourage you to give it a try You will savea LOT of money if you just do gamepass rather than buying every single game, I have almost given up on buying games nowdays LOL.