LDAR WHat do you watch/subscribe to on youtube?

I sometimes watch ASMR/girlfriend roleplay videos. Which are either suifuel or lifefuel depending on your mood. But I don't watch them always, I needed a break from them for a while. I watch some videos about Hollywood movies, Tv and videogames, but thinking of stopping. They are mostly soy boy types, although they criticize liberals a lot while behaving like liberals, and they seem very whiny and boring after a while, I watch Quarteing and ItsaGundam and GeeksandGamers. But they are getting very boring. Also like listening to podcasts while doing something else and there are some okay podcasts but they are a bit boring. I also watch some content from incel/TFL guys like Steve Hoca. They are pretty blackpilled guys, but mainstream incels would criticize them for not believing lookstheory.