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    reddit is really awful

    It's sucks when you end up having to use an awful platform becuase it's popular. btw: i will soon create a new subreddit (not sure how its done) and see if i can get something going there.
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    reddit is really awful

    yea the karma system rewards cult-like behavior. But it's hard to alone invade these cult-spaces, you pretty much need strenght in numbers for that. I am fairly good at debating even under really bad conditions, me alone vs admins and cult-members.
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    reddit is really awful

    That doesn't work anywhere on the internet. It reminds me of the social credit score china has, difference is that they cannot actually put you in a re-education camp for being too critical, they can only bully you or ban you for going against the cult dogma. The thing is: i do not face that...
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    reddit is really awful

    Just full of echochambers where you get bullied and eventually banned if you disagree with the cult, the world would improve for the better if the entire site got shut down. I started posting on reddit becuase issues with lookism and i just realized how much better other forums i usually post...
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    What anime should I watch?

    tsf monogatari
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    Vintology -> Darwinian vintologi Yea sure
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    fukurou, what do you think of these incel solutions

    Wow incels are actually mentally challanged, what a surprise.
  8. adolf512 banned me

    Which is why the site is more successful.
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    Just be crazy theory validated yet again

    Relying on just threats will rarily work
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    LifeFuel [Sui Fuel] (removed by cuck moderator)

    No i didn't edit the post, you are just making thay up.
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    Which site are you refering too, this or ?
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    I just took over as leader, just wait.
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    LifeFuel opposition to the cult of the holy femoid and

    It's basic biology, females are the ones able to make babies and thus they are more important.
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    I am smart enough to play according to real social structures and doesn't waste my time trying to attack online forums.