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    Tomorrow is killed by yesterday. (poetry)

    Today i realise that today is a new day. Sometimes i think that Yesterday is Tomorrow. Sad, he left the room so there is only Today left. Tomorrow is gone, stabbed by yesterday. It is not his own hands that took his soul, but someones Today that took his life. Yesterday is gone, running from his...
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    Cope Profession for high IQ mentalcels?

    What are you talents?
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    Cope Profession for high IQ mentalcels?

    Which jew?
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    Cope Profession for high IQ mentalcels?

    Can you code?
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    There is something realy strange going on.

    I have noticed this my whole life. There can be two equal ugly guys, but one will get treated better, while the other gets ignored continously, even if both are equaly ugly. It is far complexer than only the halo effect , there is something very complex onconsciously going on in the proces of...
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    Is there anyone here who would actually make a move on a chick if they had the opportunity?

    As an incel its pointless. If you are an subhuman you need to the say the right thing at the right time at the right environment. You need to walk in a particular way and act in a particular way, you body language needs to tell her that you are confidenent. But we incels cant be confident...
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    personality and self confidence = social ability and status

    Tldr; Foids are animals.
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    Click on the link in the video screen, not the blue link i shared. It says: “the owner doesnt allow to share this video on other websites, watch this video on youtube” Tell me if you can watch the video now (after clicking the link in the video screen)
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    If you dont convert after watching this video. I dont know what will convince you anymore.
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    Should we save our higher IQ posts for is suddenly dying. No idea why...
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    Men are supposed to be strong, while women are allowed to be as neurotic as they want

    Cuckkk society there is no change anymore. The west lost in 1920 they had another chance in 1945. Its over
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    By the way, you can use your rice cooker to make mac & cheese, banana bread, and a bunch of other stuff

    Here in the west we got so much cuddled and spoiled that we need a special thing to cook our rice. RiCe CoOkER.
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    iranian war is coming

    Inside job. It is the same game as iraq. Now they have a reason to start a war with iran.