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    Introducing (the spiritual succesor to, all incels welcome to join!

    Plot twist, Maurice is actually Zesto
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    Give me the domain

    fukurou's doing a pretty good here; best admin ever, really
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    LOL Female Logic at its best

    They're whores; what can I say. It's like how men usually don't leave a job till they have another one lined up. If you find a chick single, it's like finding a dude unemployed; he probably got fired.
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    Give me the domain

    sounds gay
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    Surreal, I hope you're ensuring this time that Zehut wins

    Oh, nm, they're not even in it. Zehut Party votes to approve deal with Netanyahu to drop out of elections - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
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    NEET Please don't shut down

    That trick only works on Velociraptors
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    Yeah, he's fucked

  8. Leucosticte looks kinda cucked already

    Rules (subject to change) We'll see, though. Let me guess, this is a site that's being publicized via Discord. So it's going to attract that same Discord crowd. I'm too lazy to add their icon rn, but maybe later.
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    Give it up Larson

    This movement is basically over. It's become low-energy. They even banned @RegisterUserName over at for being too edgy. The rapepill and jbpill never really caught on in a big way, sufficient to justify having their own sites. Everything that blackpill, RGIF, and JBpill have can be...
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    Give it up Larson

    Hmm, I wonder what was the reason why we continued Weebs even after Zesto left. I guess there were still some people who wanted it.
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    Announcement The time has come to bring back the old and put Towncel in charge

    JFL at people who think they can create a superior version of Truecels without putting Towncel in charge.
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    Girls Literally Only Want One Thing And It's Fucking Disgusting

    I think she's getting desperate
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    Girls Literally Only Want One Thing And It's Fucking Disgusting

    My mom was just saying, "I can't wait till I retire, it'll be so liberating. I won't have to worry about my reputation anymore. I'll be able to have sex with dogs and nobody will be able to say anything." I was like, "Oh, you mean like Aunt Holly?" and she said, "Yeah, I wouldn't put it past...
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    Fantasy Leucosticte should tattoo his scalp and wear makeup so he can Gothmaxx

    I wonder how many men have been up in that snatch. Probably a fair number of methheads and such.