By the way, nobody gives a shit about free speech anymore


Hebephebophilic レイプcel
Most of the people advertising, "We defend free speech" don't actually defend it. E.g., I'm banned from,, and, even though in the latter two cases, they never identified any rule that I violated (neither of those latter two sites ban noncels the way that does).

If you express yourself freely, guess what, people are going to discriminate against you based on that. is full of fakecels and noncel "blackpilled normies," but because of some stuff I posted in a volcels sub-forum on Incelocalypse, decided to treat me differently than the other noncels on their site.

My free speech doesn't get protected, so why should yours get protected? I've actually been to prison for expressing myself freely before; I spent 10 months in there for "associating with convicted felons" by writing letters to prisoners. Chapter 2: Communicating/Interacting with Persons Engaged in Criminal Activity and Felons (Probation and Supervised Release Conditions)