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TFW tinder is doing more for the propagation of the white race than 12 years of nazi eugenics programs

(I'm for White Propagation btw -- I'm just against not getting laid.)
This just in: Brainfags segregate failed normies, still do IT's bidding. More at 11.


Failed normie checklist
If you can check more than one of the following, you are a failed normie, not an incel:


5’7 (170 cm) or more


not gymmaxed

not hairmaxxed

not mentalhealthmaxxed

not tindermaxxed (=good profile & pictures)

not jobmaxxed (e.g. you work a shitty job because you are lazy)

not arranged marriage maxxed (disregard if you are not curry)

spend most of your time playing vidya games
Stolen from failed normies

Cope. The only thing that makes an impactful difference is facial bone structure and maybe height but to a lesser extent, and then all else just kinda blends. Personality, social skills, fitness level etc all combined might give you 1 point which won't benefit most men because of the 80/20 rule.
This is a 1/10? Then the old asian lady who kept talking to me (in a foreign language -- also this was five years ago, so I'm sure she's discovered Tinder by now) was a negative 8 at best.

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