Girls saying "I have my own money" is kind of a cope and a meme


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They usually don't have a whole lot of money, because they're not all that productive. They WISH they could spend their whole lives making money and getting fucked by Chad, but in practice, they're so lazy that they're going to end up selling out by trading their pussy to a beta. And/or, as they get older, Chad won't even want them anymore, so they'll have no choice but to resort to a beta.

Foids' (especially young foids') laziness is evident in the fact that they call in to work sick a lot more than men do. They take a lot of "mental health days". There's also the fact that even if they wanted to be as proficient as men, they're not really all that able to, because their skills at stuff like computers suck compared to men's.

Yeah, a certain amount of welfare is available, but they can't actually get a lot of that without having kids, because all of these programs are designed for "the best interests of the child" rather than to support a bunch of lazy women at anything more than a subsistence level.

Yeah, they can sometimes get child support, too, but typically the trashier chicks choose to get knocked up by some loser who can't or won't pay. Why would he want to pay, anyway, when he doesn't get to see the kid that he's paying to support? He might as well hide whatever money he has and spend it on other stuff.
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its genetics and hormones, women are supposed to be in the house with kids while the alpha male hunts for food. people that go against that nature end up depressed, but not me, i just want to stay in mah room chilling and not working, ill figure something out..