How to avoid rape accusations


Hebephebophilic レイプcel
The only way to be sure of avoiding rape accusations is to do something similar to what the Yagamis did, and volunteer to be under 24/7 video surveillance. There should be a window in the background so that it can be documented in the video that the sun went up in the morning and went down in the evening, with you being under uninterrupted surveillance in the recording. You should get the newspaper every day and hold it up to the camera to show the date on it. But even that isn't ironclad proof, of course, since you could've raped the girl and then stored up newspapers from that time period, and arranged to have them delivered to you at later dates, to create a fake appearance on video that you had an alibi during that time period.

The only way to be sure of having an alibi is that this recording needs to continue right up till the point when the cops come to arrest you for rape, so that it can be established that during the time in question when you were supposedly raping this girl, you were actually taking a dump in the bathroom.

You also need to be totally celibate because if you actually have sex with a girl, even if it's recorded on camera that she said, "Yes," she could still say that prior to the recording, you coerced her into saying yes, by threatening her family or whatever unless she went along with the rape.