I was just thinking about something Pandoroux and her friend said


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They said that I should've known better than to marry an Asian chick, because of course a mail-order bride is gonna try to fuck you over.

Why is it that people can blame a man for making a foolish decision to marry a certain chick, but if a chick gets with a dude who beats her or whatever, people don't say, "Well, you should've seen that coming, since you knew he was a thug"? If someone were to say that, people would say, "Shame on you for blaming the victim!"

Men get blamed all the time for being victimized by women, though. If they get frivorce-raped by women, for instance, and have to pay child support for a kid they don't get to see, people say, "Well, you put your dick in the hole, so you deserve what you get."

If a chick complains, though, "The badboy I opened my legs for won't pay child support," people say, "What a deadbeat" rather than, "Maybe you shouldn't have had a kid with a badboy, when there are all these decent men out there you could've chosen."

Women never get blamed for shit; everything is always some man's fault.


This is why I start to hold cunts responsible for the men they spread their legs for.

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