If you're going to talk to Sarge, you might as well ask him something useful


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Like, "What is your solution to the societal problem of inceldom?"

My guess is that he'll have some answer along the lines of, "This is not a movement that strives for political goals; it's just a community. Inceldom is a condition, not a political persuasion."

Which is another way of saying, he doesn't have a solution, at least not on a societal level. He encourages those who can ascend, to ascend (which makes his a rape advocate, by the way, because any sex with a woman is rape; there's no such thing as a woman's "consenting" to sex, because she can always withdraw her consent retroactively and claim that you raped her. In fact, she can claim that even if you didn't have sex with her, so really, if you're a man, just by existing, you're committing rape; it's just a question of whether or when a woman is going to call you out for it.)

But as for incels, he just has a whitepill, involving exercising, fasting, even showers (!) I don't see anything in there about finding a way to join with fellow incels and other allies in coming up with a way by which the prevalance of inceldom can be eliminated or even significantly mitigated. Well, for one thing, they've ruled out rape, which means they've ruled out sex, which means they've resigned themselves in celibacy, which means they've resigned our whole species to extinction, essentially, because even Chad rapes.

He's basically just saying, "WE'RE not going to rape, because we're above that, but we're not going to do anything to stop Chad from raping, because that's none of our business." (Chad engages in the exact same behavior that an incel would if he raped; Chad holds down a girl's extremities, etc., while he's fucking her, because she likes that stuff.)

The reality is that socially sanctioned rape is actually in girls' best interests; we know that they were happier before feminism took hold and they were set free to do whatever they wanted, without being forced to submit to a betabuxx's sexual wishes. But Sarge has to either take the feminists' side or just surrender to them without a fight by saying, "We're not going to endorse rape, or associate with those who do" even though rape is the only way to restore harmony to relations between the sexes.

Okay, way to give up the fight for survival of our species and civilization.

Anyway, I don't talk to him because I know he's not going to change; he's going to stay focused on leading an identity-based community rather than an ideology-based movement. He doesn't really want anything to do with those who have been deemed to be non-incel, even though most of his users are non-incel. Really, what it is, is that if you "misbehave" in his view, that's when you get considered noncel; up till that point, you're given the benefit of the doubt.

Look at Catfishman; he's bragged plenty but gets to stay there because he's not a rape advocate. He's considered incel because the mods like him. That's the only reason; if he became a rape advocate, they would say, "By the way, we decided to ban you for not being incel."

Anyway, just give up on that place, and on those people. They'll never be our allies, or help us in any way. They are estranged family. It's like the evangelical Christian parents and the Satanist daughter, who can't have Thanksgiving together because they can't agree on what kind of prayer to have over the food, plus they don't agree with her witchcraft and slutty lifestyle, so they just have to go their separate ways. It's fairly standard, too, that in these situations, family members will disown one another, which explains why suddenly, after I'd been hanging out at Incels.is for half a year, suddenly the mods started saying, "Hey, he's not an incel" as though there had been some revelation they hadn't known before.

I was even thinking of asking knajjd, "Why did you decide to go in the direction of running a community rather than a movement," but we pretty much know the answer. They want to avoid facing too much persecution, because it's not fun to be persecuted, nor is it cheap to try to fend off persecution, nor are you going to be popular if you court persecution.

They want to say that they're very pro-free speech, but they're actually just moderates on that issue. In my experience, a site that's truly radically pro-free speech usually is not going to have to ban a lot of people, because discontented users will show themselves to the door. There are very few users who actually want free speech, because they're afraid of being associated with those who don't self-censor; and in an environment where censorship is not imposed from above, people are going to say some stuff that is going to make the normies clear out.

So yeah, don't even bother talking to them.
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Sarge just in it for the money.
Otherwize he would have banned knajjd.

He keeps his place as a crab bucket.
With rules like no cherry picking no
Shit posts and not allowing to insult feminists like shannon.


Shit posts and not allowing to insult feminists like shannon.
You can get in trouble for insulting that ugly road whore?