Isn't there something in Japanese culture where moms suck their sons' dicks


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For that matter, some Latino dude told me that's part of Latino culture too, that moms will calm their young sons and get them to stop crying by sucking their dicks. Makes me wonder, is there any culture in the world where that DOESN'T go on. I mean, maybe that's the whole point of why kids forget what happened before age 3, is so that they don't have those memories of their mom sucking their dick, which keeps them from developing some kind of incest fetish or conflicted or digusted feelings about what happened given the cultural taboo about incest. Kinda like how we don't remember sucking our mom's tits either.
Almost never happens with latrinos. I think I saw it once though.

Japanese it's fairly more common because the moms hit the wall, and feel sorry for their poor ricel sons.

Also, because they used to take baths together a lot (when they were younger) in Japanese culture.


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That's actually kinda hot tbhtbhngl