It's almost impossible to max money and status as social paria

Unfortunatily it's probably over for guys like nathan larson.

Roosh V is still childless and in his forties.

Andrew anglin also childless.

These days it's really important to have a social network, people that will recommend you "he is a smart guy that knows x" but if people dislike you that will never happen.

If you fucked up in the past you need to compensate by being a cuck deluxe and in nathans case not even that will help.
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I have spent over a year trying to make money from online poker, before that is was crypto, i know how hard it is to make it on your own.

You might think "i can start a business" but that would probably just end in an expensive bankrupsy. Most people lacks the skills required to build a business and you are at a big disadvantage against bigger companies.