Serious Its pointless arguing with normalniggers

Its pointless arguing with them. Some get it but most are in denial or just hate incels. Its better to not engage them tbh. Just gets me aggravated. Even if you show them scientific studys theyll deny them or play mental gymnastics. Foids are the worst though. Men you can reason with sort of but foids are impossible to reason with.
They just hate incels. let hem stay in there circle and we'll stay in ours. As long as incel forums are here we'll be fine. I actually have respect though for foids who admit looks matter and i have engaged with a few who have said they want a guy with a good jawline , hunter eyes etc. I actually respect them because although there foids, at least they dont lie to my face.

Ive seen incels mad that foids say they want chad but i love it bc there honest. Foids who attack incel are the enemy imo. I wont bother with foids who admit there attracted to hot guys cause i respect there honesty.
When they say that actions speak louder than words, they mean that debate is pointless because they only respect authority.
brotip: the one with the bigger gun has authority.
Very high IQ I gave up trying to argue with normies or get them to understand our plight, they will always hate us, we have to hate them back.