"Just put yourself out there, bro" is the kind of advice people give about everything, not just girls


Hebephebophilic レイプcel
If you try to kill yourself, and then talk to a shrink about your problems, he'll say, "Just x, bro" about a number of different ideas. E.g., "Just leverage your strengths to have a good life, bro" (which disregards how your weaknesses would get in the way of leveraging your strengths).

"Just take these jewpills, bro"

"Just find a girl who doesn't care about money or looks, bro"

"Just get a job where your distractability, disorganization, social awkwardness, and lack of common sense won't be a problem, bro"


"Just put yourself out there some more, bro, till you get lucky"

"Just stop doing the stuff that's making you fail, bro, and do the stuff that'll make you succeed instead"
i'm too ugly and retarded to do anything, if i was atleast less dumblooking