Listen up blackpills: Life is a gift.


No matter how dark it gets you have to remember you have a family right here that has your back. Id take any of you basement larping faggots watching my six over any normalfag.

Worst case scenario God gave you a pile of carbon covered in shit. Are you gonna wipe that shit off, crush it into a diamond and give it back? Or are you gonna cry, drop a deuce on the ground and roll around in it? God did give us a choice. A choice to make the most out of what we're given or swim in our own piss & shit.

All the fear, anger, anxiety and shame this fallen clown world projects onto you is weak. They are rodents and vultures incapable of building themselves up so they bring others down to tell themselves they are strong. FUCK THEM. They are not strong, they are professional cowards. Forge your mind into an impenetrable diamond fortress and the waves of depression will break on it like the ocean on a rock.

It can seep into the cracks of your mind if you let it. If that happens just spread your cheeks, aim your butthole at satan and blow it right back in his face. These npcs are addicted to failure, its EASY to be better than them but EASY IS NOT ENOUGH.

Simply allowing their retarded nonsense to have any impact on your mind at all is a total failure. Lucifer is trying to pump your mind full of sand. Find the rock, build a house, open the window and yell FUCK YOU NIGGER FAGGOTS GET OFF MY PROPERTY

by Humble Pasta Merchant