People actually want tyranny


Hebephebophilic レイプcel
I used to think this was something embittered libertarians said, but no, it's actually literally true. People don't actually want to be turned loose to say/do whatever they want. They want to have some limitations imposed on them. Of course, what usually happens is that people go overboard with the limitations, but oh well.

On the 4th of July, I used to hang out at a buddy's house, and his dad would be playing that song, "I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free" and meanwhile the rest of us would sneak downstairs to go smoke some weed. Even though we're celebrating living in a "free country" we gotta duck and hide to make sure we don't get caught inhaling some combusted plant matter.

But has there ever been a truly free country? Could there be? Did anyone even attempt it? Thing is, liberty has to be supported by power, and those who seek power are usually not liberal. Cato's Letters No. 33 (1721)

The liberal are usually more easygoing, and allow the power-seekers to conspire freely to try to overthrow the liberal order, while the illiberal, when they're in power are always bent on "destroying all opposition, and even all seeds of opposition" (which is why they suppress free speech).

One of the reasons knajjd gave for why I was banned from was that I talked shit about him "everywhere"; of course, he wouldn't have been banned from any of my sites for that, but that's the difference between him and me.