So what do you think about the shutdown of Chateau Heartiste


Hebephebophilic レイプcel
I think it shows a disrespect for his work and for the ideal of free and open debate. It's a loss for the manosphere, and in turn for the world.

It's not just about the fact that the posts were taken down; the comment sections were also. So, a community was dismantled, and as we saw with Return of Kings, it's kinda hard to bring back what once was, when you get deplatformed.

The fact that these kinds of shutdowns are happening, shows the mentality we're dealing with, where people would rather silence their opposition than try to refute ideas they disagree with. It shows they don't even think there's maybe a grain of truth to what we have to say, that would be worth preserving.

I was writing earlier, It's gonna be a loss to the world if Register ever kills himself

But I have to wonder, if we all started checking out, what difference would it really make, given how the world is already treating us? A lot of my work (e.g. everything from Incelocalypse, Kings Wiki, and Nathania that wasn't archived) was already wiped out last year, and probably the only reason my WordPress blog is still up is that it's pretty obscure and doesn't have as much of a community of commenters as what Heartiste had. As soon as you start to be successful enough that they view you as a threat, they take you down.

We've basically been confined to a small ghetto, which for us is more of a means of coping than anything., Braincels, etc. are essentially controlled opposition; they have to self-censor to avoid getting completely kicked off the Internet. And perhaps the reason this site is allowed to continue to function, rather than getting DDoS'ed off the Internet, is that we're a small community that hasn't attracted much notice lately; CuckTears doesn't even really feature anything from here anymore.

The establishment is keeping an eye on dissident elements generally, and if any of them start to grow in influence to a point where they could change the status quo, then they will be shut down. So it's almost like we're already dead; suicide is just an acknowledgement of the situation that already exists.

It's probably getting harder these days to ascend and produce enough offspring to adequately propagate your genetics. Even girls like VanityFairee are getting harder to obtain, because they have their own jobs and stuff and are reluctant to move across the country to be with some dude unless he has a perfect living situation set up. That's despite the numerous problems and large amount of baggage these girls have.

So, it's pretty much over.
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