Blackpill Somehow i forgot about this brutal gigablackpill.

I seen this on .co months ago and totally forgot about it. Its so brutal that i though it was a joke when i found it on .co months ago. I was just now lookin up "eugenics ugly people" and ugly law came up. Im happy cause now i have it bookmarked. I should ve saved it in the first place.

Ugly law - Wikipedia
Why do the normies hate and bully the lowest people on society so often? normies are fucking evil. NEVER forget that, any time the evil normies talk about morality or empathy or say incels are mean for speaking the truth and advocating violence, remember they are evil and love to kick those on the bottom of society just for the heck of it, and because they can't fight back, they are evil and deserve every terrible thing that ever happens to them.