somehwat dark brown isch strawberry blonde hair

Grow it out

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This is my haircolor, should i grow it out? Effective for boymaxing?

I have mallaclusion, so i used to have lite preety boy asthethics but not anymore. Now i look preety average from a forward angle, but look a lot better when smiling. Im mewing till my face is fully developed (im 18) and then i'll get maxillofacial surgery.

I still look very boyisch tho, and have a long isch face, and a tall but normal forhead. Im thinking the long hair can halo me, give illusion of more width and a better proportioned face. The only problem is that my hair is completely straight.

I've gotten rated a 5-6 in normie scale, wich is preety brutal in itself, but i have multiple girls in my life who wants to get with me so that in itself gives me a lot of hope.