The golden age of

Is right now, would be a joy to post right now, on the only alive site

The early days were to weed out edgy users

The time after that was for ritalincel to be able to ban anyone from the site, weeding out random users from the site and newcels, who were relentlessly bashed in 2018 with the people bashing them receiving zero punishments if they didn't get doxed, which isn't the case now

Right now, is the absolute golden age, with idiots who don't question the mods at all, soyboys, bluepillers etc. who get the exquisite privilege of posting on the site, fully conforming to the rules that have only now been revealed (there are multiple hidden rules on AKA you cannot criticise a user with way more posts than you especially if newcel, you can't (or at least couldn't back then) get multiple reports or else you'd be instantly banned like boshy was), living in blissful ignorance

The current alts are using nearly used up niche VPNs, which doesn't work you'll just get banned because the mods will later find out it's a VPN, or using the computer of someone else/using a new computer