What Are You Thinking About Right Now ?


Hebephebophilic レイプcel
What are you thinking about right now ? I'm not thinking about anything.
Well, I'm thinking that I'm bored, and kinda wish I were dead because my life is pointless, but on the other hand, I don't feel like fighting for my right to suicide because the thought of a fight just doesn't sound very appealing at the moment. Fighting usually means putting a lot of effort into making arguments, and then losing because the other side has superior force.

In the case of an issue like suicide, we're doubly fucked because the politicians don't even take accountability for the fact that people who want to kill themselves are put in mental hospitals; they say, "We defer to the shrinks on the issue of whether suicidal people are mentally ill. If you disagree with those decisions, take it up with them." And there's not much that can be done about the shrinks. Nor can I join them, because as a felon, I'm barred from that profession.

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angry shitskin turbomanlet
i'm thinking of going ER